ELKOM - kompresory s.r.o.

Modlanska 1893, Teplice - Trnovany 415 01
Sales, service and rental of compressors, pneumatic tools and heating, dehumidification and air conditioning equipment.
Installation of compressed air distribution.
Compressed air treatment, pneumatic elements, automation, fittings.
Production of pressure hoses.

  • hand tools, electric tools, cordless tools, workshop tools, DIY tools, air pneumatic tools
  • hot water reservoirs, installations of solar systems, boiler regulation, distribution of heating radiators
  • manufacture of rubber strips, fan belts, rubber profile distribution, rubber pads, rubber seal strips
  • high pressure cleaning equipment, hydraulic pumps, sump pumps, piston-type compressors, screw compressors
  • air conditioning units, heating and cooling, control devices, industrial filtration, special fans

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