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M&S furniture - Healthy sleep

Our family company creates and supplies products for health and happy sleep.

We will supply you with a quality fixed bed in any design and color. They are harmless and comfortable. We will be happy to advise you on your choice.

We offer:
- wooden, laminate, veneer and folding beds
- grates
- medical mattresses
- anatomical pillows
- inbuilt wardrobe
- blankets.

Just for you, we have an ACTION for beds with up to 20% discount. Free transport.

For full rest and a pleasant awakening, we have prepared quality medical mattresses made of PUR, HR and visco foam, latex, bag and children's.

You will provide complete comfort with a suitable lamella grate selected exactly according to your needs.

We have both fixed grates and special ones with manual or motor drive, with higher load capacity or with added storage space.

In order for the new bed not to protrude too much in the room, we also supply custom-made, colorful furniture.

You will complement comfort and support during sleep with anatomical anti-allergenic pillows and blankets made of quality material.

We supply small spaces with folding and hidden beds in a designer wardrobe.

We also offer built-in cabinets tailored to your needs and space options.

We supply products from companies:
- Maple, Domestav, BMB
- Blanar, Gazel
- GWdesign, Iron-art, Jelínek
- Jiton, Magniflex, Mireal
- H-furniture, Perdormire
- PF furniture, Roalholz, Styler
- Ton, We-tec, Snooze
- Unis-N, Tempur, KZK and Halbos.

We own a large mattress center and we will also create everything for you. Each mattress is provided with a quality certificate.

We will make a price calculation free of charge and deliver the furniture to the place and assemble it.

Reg. No.: 13359100
VAT No.: CZ6705240366
District: Louny
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: without employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €
Contact person: Petr Slováček

+420 606 605 007
+420 775 318 066


Contact persons:
Petr Slovacek
tel: +420 606 605 007

GPS: 50°20′1.25″ N, 13°32′22.78″ E

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