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Milady Horakove 2764, Kladno 272 01
Complete service of motor vehicles:
-BOSCH Car Service.
Independent Mercedes-Benz service.

  • sales of used cars, offer of second-hand cars, second-hand car shops, second-hand car sales, second-hand truck sales, second-hand trailer sales, second-hand semi-trailer sales, second-hand cart sales, vehicle import from abroad
  • complete service of car repair shop, repairs of cars, repairs of trucks, replacement of car parts
  • lorries and trucks, towing vehicles, box trucks, tarpaulin trucks, platform trucks, dump trucks
  • sales of passenger cars, car rent service, sedan sales, car accessory sales, passenger car servicing, authorised car dealer
  • replacement of car tires, truck tire replacement, tyre repair, retreading of tires, wheel balancing, tire storage
  • measurement of engine emissions, technical inspection of vehicles, technical examination of cars, exhaust gas emissions
  • sales of headlights, bumper installation, exhaust sales, vehicle rebuilding, engine power increase, car renovations
  • winter tyres, summer tyres, tires for cars and vans, tires for motorcycles, bicycle inner tubes, bike tyre valves
  • spare parts for passenger cars, repurchase of car parts, windshield replacement, parts for transmissions, motor oil sales

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