STAPI - Stanislav Pipal s.r.o.

STAPI focuses on representing foreign companies (EU) in the Czech Republic and importing their products in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Exclusive representation for companies:
AUMA Drives (formerly GFC AntriebsSysteme) - Germany:
- worm gears and worm gears
- linear spindle drives and rotors (drives) for solar panels.

RITZ Instrument Transformers (RITZ Messwandler) - Germany:
- voltage and current transformers for HV and LV networks, outdoor and indoor design
- insulated current busbars (SIS Solid Insulation System).

Getriebe Schäfer (Germany):
- bevel gearboxes
- spur and bevel gears.

TAS Schäfer (Germany):
- collets and couplings for drive technology.

Product range:
- thrust bearings and turntables (larger dimensions)
- drives for wheelchairs, bicycles, scooters and golf carts (brushless electric motors)
- Cu enameled wires, passports
- ELHY electrohydraulic linear drives
- curved, slotted flat and cylindrical screens with radial and axial direction of slots for internal and external inflow
- PTFE clean or with admixtures, finished parts, semi-finished products, bars, plates, tubes, foils, gaskets, piston and guide rings, cords and more
- regulation, fixed, tubular and toroidal transformers
- insulated current busbars (SIS Solid Insulation System).

We provide sales representation for the following companies:
- REO by Boris von Wolff
- Röchling
- Rothe Erde
- EMG Automation.

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