Ing. Vladimira Rippelova
Danovy poradce Kladno

  • double-entry accounting, accounting documents, tax evidence, taxes and returns, wage calculation, audits

Tax Advisor - Member of the Tax Chamber
advisors in the Czech Republic, offering tax and accounting services.

We have been dealing with these services since 1994, providing services mainly in Kladno in Prague, Slaný, Rakovník.

Services we provide:
- double-entry bookkeeping and tax records, cash register, ledger
- accounting, financial and economic consultancy
- the payables and receivables book
- property records
- VAT processing
- road tax
- income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, real estate tax
- tax on the acquisition and reception of immovable property
- creation of a tax return for legal and natural persons
- deferred tax
- management of personnel agenda
- representing clients in offices
- issuing invoices
- travel expenses.

Our office is trying to satisfy its clients, we provide quality services without errors.
Clients can always rely on us.

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Ing. Vladimira Rippelova


Generala Klapalka 1388
Kladno 272 01
+420 312 243 110

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