HECKL s.r.o.

Premyslova 153, Kralupy nad Vltavou - Mikovice 278 01
Telephone: +420 737 204 069

The HECKL Ltd. company sells products for water, sewerage, gas and other underground utilities.
Wholesale and retail trade.

Plastic piping systems
Industrial fittings
Plumbing material
Drainage systems
Gas pipeline systems
Cable ducts.

Waterworks and industrial fittings:
- Waterworks slide valves made of grey cast iron, in building lengths or ended by sleeves and sockets
- Industrial slide valves
- Canal slide valves and check gates
- Flange filters
- Underground hydrants in four lengths, above ground hydrants, outlet stands
- Shutter, backflow and terminal valves, flange and non-flange ones
- Metal flange cocks
- Suction baskets, inflow baskets, expansion joints, mounting inserts.

- Protection, reduction, mixing, deaerating, back, closing ones
- Gate valve sets - valve ones, slide ones - fixed and telescopic
- Pipe saddles for cast iron, steel
- Ground ball valves, hydrometrical blocks.

- Flat welding flanges, HDPE collar on rim, with a neck, blinding, threaded.

- Valve, gate valve, hydrant ones
- Square, round all-cast-iron and also with concrete filling of various sizes
- Well covers.

- Square, circular ones of various sizes.

Systems for steel pipe connecting, sleeves for tube repair.
Pipes and fittings for pressure water - cast-iron:
- Fittings made of nodular cast iron.
Plastic and piping systems for pressure water.
Plastic piping systems for sewerage:
- Sewer pipes made of smooth and corrugated system
- PRAGMA, HYDRO 16, MAGNUM, ULTRA RIB, JUMBO sewerage systems.

Supplementary material:
- Canvas-rubber packing
- Jointing material M16, M20 in lengths 60 - 180 mm, black, galvanized
- Threaded ball valves, swing-check valves, filters
- Hole centring devices and crowns
- Plug spanners and hydrant wrenches
- Warning, marking foils
- Guideboards.

Reg. No.: 62956833
VAT No.: CZ62956833
District: Praha-zapad
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: 26 - 100 employees
Turnover: 20 000 thousand - 40 000 thousand €

+420 737 204 069
+420 352 627 562



GPS: 50°14′25.59″ N, 14°17′55.22″ E

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