PE potrubí - voda, kanalizace, plyn - výroba

Manufacture, wholesale, sale, export of various types of PE plastic pipes in dimensions from 20 mm to 500 mm.
High quality pipes made of high-density and medium-density PE40, PE80, PE100, PE100RC polyethylene
Manufacturing according to relevant standards, with emphasis on ecology.

Plastic piping systems:
- For outdoor pressure distribution systems of drinking water - pipes for drinking and non-potable water made of PEMD, PELLD, PEHD polyethylene - smooth, without an integral socket, coils of 50 m; 100 m; 200 m or in rods of 6 m or 12 m length
- For pressure and vacuum sewage systems, irrigation systems, systems for heat pumps
- For laying of heavy-current, light-current and optical cables (cable tubes)
- Shaped pieces, electrical adapting pieces and fittings
- Pipes for drilled wells, for well curbings.

Manufactured PE pipes are joined by butt welding, electro-fittings or clamping couplers.
Supplied colours - black with blue stripes or blue, incl. printing with size and description by running meter.

Czech Companies:    

Heating equipment, fittings and pipes


Plastic semifinished products


Plastics for building industry


Plumbing material