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Our company FRISCO Ltd. is engaged in production of heat transfer surfaces. We use only proven procedures or certified production technologies for proper heat transfer in material manufacturing plant.

Our products are made of:
- Cu tubes - Al lamellas
- Cu tubes - Cu lamellas
- Stainless steel tubes - Al lamellas
- Stainless steel tubes - Cu lamellas.

- Components for air-conditioning and ventilation
- Coolers
- Evaporators
- Heaters with their own fans in hanging or standing designs
- Dry coolers
- Evaporators and condensers for transport equipment
- Exchangers for heat pumps according to customer's requirements.

The company was established in 1992. We are the Czech company, but we also expanded our manufacturing production abroad. In 2005 we became the holder of the CSN EU ISO 9001 certificate which is regularly updated. This certificate confirms our quality and specialization.

The result of many years of activity and work on important contracts are products of long lifetime and efficiency. Products are attractive for their reliability and efficiency caused by the manufacturer's experience, last but not least for their design and price.


Production of lamellar heat exchangers, the Czech Republic

Production of lamellar heat exchangers, the Czech Republic
Production of heat transfer surfaces on the basis of Cu tubes - Al lamellas, Cu tubes - Cu lamellas, stainless tubes - Al lamellas and stainless tubes - Cu lamellas. Our products: -water coolers, evaporators for all kinds of cooling agents, water heaters, steam heaters, condensers for all ...
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