Pohrebni sluzba Na Hvezdicce - Obradni sin

Jinecka 324, Pribram I 261 01
Our company Funeral Service Na Hvezce Roman Vitek provides funeral services and complete services associated with them.

We are based in Příbram, but we provide our services for the whole district and beyond.

Funeral services for more than 15 years.
Our trained staff will help you to handle all the necessary essentials.
In the district we are the largest company engaged in this field.
In 2002 we became a member of the Funeral Association in the Czech Republic.

We will arrange everything related to the funeral:
 - entering the registration data for the issue of a death certificate
 - farewell in the ceremonial hall Na Hvězdička in Příbram, Blatná and all over the Czech Republic, in the chapel in the Old Cemetery in Příbram and its surroundings
 - immediately after agreement, print the parte for free.
 - funerals in church with appointment of mass, house of mourning (at home)
 - cremation and transport of the deceased
 - music (wind)
 - Order and import of funeral flowers
 - orator or priest, funeral music
 - transports of the deceased throughout the Czech Republic and abroad
 - arranging a funeral in your home
 - confirmation of attendance at the funeral for the employer.

 - all gravestone accessories (urns, vases, photo-boxes, burners, oils, wicks, candles, urn shafts, decorative urn containers - plastic, aluminum, copper, stainless and engraving names on labels and urns, making photoceramics)

 - stonemasonry services (monuments, urns graves, tombs and their assembly, graves, repair and alteration of old graves, fonts, gilding and silvering of faded inscriptions, installation of tombstone accessories, graves for graves).

To order a funeral, call NON-STOP on the toll-free line 800 321 138.

  • transport of the deceased, burials and interments, cremation of the deceased, coffin sale, rental of halls for funerals, hearse hire

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