Kovodruzstvo, v.d.
Kovovyroba Zebrak

Kovodružstvo, v.d. from Žebrák deals with the production of small transport and transport technology and especially with the metalworking itself, forming and bending of sheets and tubes, powdering or pressing.

In our products you will find hand carts, distribution carts, children's carts, small handling equipment, sales and flower stands, blow guns, bike carts, wire and tube program, scooters, home accessories, hangers and stands, sanitary program, transportation technology, baby carts, hand carts.

In addition to the production of products we also offer other services - pressing, forming on presses 16 - 160 tons (friction, eccentric and hydraulic), CO2 welding, locksmithing, baking furnace (1, 7 x 2 x 2, 4 m), powder painting (komaxid) ), milling, turning, machining, spot welding, bending, cutting, painting on suspension line, pipe program, production.

We deliver mobile bags (bags), wheeled trolleys and other special trolleys to postmen.

Kovodružstvo was founded in 1951, thanks to which it has many years of experience and practice. The cooperative cooperates in the production of rail lines and other orders.

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Kovodruzstvo, v.d.


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Zebrak 267 53

+420 311 533 421

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