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The company MICRO-EPSILON Czech Republic, spol. s r.o. produces high-precision sensors for measuring distance, position, profile, color and force. You can also find infrared cameras, IR thermometers and endoscopes here. We have customers all over the world!

In our offer you will find:
- sensors for measuring distance, position, area, speed, length, profile (laser profile scanners) and sensors for measuring temperature
- industrial endoscopes
- IR thermometers
- TIM thermal imagers for non-contact surface temperature measurement
- color detection sensors
- dimensional measurement and defect detection systems
- optical micrometers
- measuring equipment
- weighing for lifts
- material testing equipment
- Five-axis machining and measurement.

Position and distance sensors:
- Capacitive (extreme accuracy)
- confocal
- lankové
- laser
- LVDT (linear inductive)
- magneto - inductive
- winch for cranes (cable)
- optical rangefinders
- based on eddy current.

- flexible
- with rigid construction
- video endoscopes
- accessories.

IR thermometers thermoMETER:
- contactless (manual)
- two-spectrum
- with a laser sight
- accessories.

Industrial Infrared Cameras:
- contactless temperature sensing
- sophisticated SW
- with VGA resolution
- accessories.

Micro-Epsilon manufactures high-precision sensors, sensors, endoscopes and systems for measuring distance, position, profile and color. Furthermore, thermal cameras and infrared thermometers. More than 10, 000 customers around the world rely on Micro-Epsilon's measurement technology - see for yourself the performance and quality of measurement technology with the highest precision.

We are a medium-sized family company with more than 40 years of experience. With constant research and development, unique know-how and a wide range of collaborating companies, we create new products of the highest level of precision. For our customers we provide products with a truly competitive and technical advantage.

Our products are used in the aerospace industry, elevators, lifting and transport equipment, measuring and automation technology, automotive development (manufacturing, testing), construction and building materials, chemical industry, precision mechanics and optics, electrical engineering, power engineering, glass, ceramics, hydraulics, engineering, military technology, etc.

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Micro-Epsilon Czech Republic, spol. s r.o.


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