BRISK Tabor a.s.


Zapalovací svíčka

The company BRISK Tábor a.s. manufactures and develops spark plugs, sensors and technical ceramics in Tábor, South Bohemia. We also offer the use of our equipment for galvanic plating, measurement of dimensions and shape deviations, mechanical, vibration, temperature tests, etc., service and calibration of diagnostic devices. You will also find an e-shop with our products on our website. Our company has become one of the largest European manufacturers of spark plugs and one of the most successful suppliers of sensors for the automotive industry. It has received a number of awards, both from OE customers and from state institutions.

Production, development:
- spark plugs
- glow plugs
- sensors
- technical ceramics
- ignition electrodes and ionization probes
- washing paste with lanolin - for washing heavily soiled hands.

Services, cooperation:
- galvanic plating, eg Zn, ZnNi
- measurement of dimensions and shape deviations
- mechanical, vibration, temperature tests, etc.
- service and calibration of diagnostic devices

E-shop, sale:
- spark plugs
- glow plugs
- washing paste.

The main goal of BRISK Tábor a.s. is to achieve a high level of quality to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. You can find us at Vožická 2068, Tábor

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