IROMEZ s.r.o.

Pod Naspem 2005, Pelhrimov 393 01
Production and delivery:
-steam and hot water network.
-stable pressure vessels ČSN 690012
-operative revision
-inner revision
-tightness tests
-pressure tests
-steam, hot water boilers medium pressure ČSN 070710
-Tours of low pressure boilers
-operative revision
-inner revision
-tightness tests
-pressure tests
-gas equipment
-gas control station
-gas consumption by combustion, boiler rooms
-gas pipelines.
Operator training and examinations:
-low pressure boiler room decree
91/1993 Sb.
-gas plants Decree 21/1979 Coll.
-service of pressure vessels
Decree 18/1979 Coll.
-fuels and fuels
-gasoline, diesel, biodiesel.
Production, sale:
-wood briquettes.

  • sale of fuel, petrol sale, diesel oil sale, additional sale, car wash, tire inflation
  • operation of car washes, car washing, car wash services, vehicle care
  • anhydrous fermentative alcohol, fatty acid methyl esters, mixed diesel oil, vegetable oil, modified biogas
  • energy services, power for households, energy for industry, photovoltaic energy, electric power
  • heat supply, thermal energy, production and distribution of heat, hot non-potable water, heating plant facilities

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