Zakladni skola a Materska skola Frymburk

Frymburk 112, Frymburk 382 79
Frymburk Elementary School and Kindergarten offers quality education for children from first to ninth grade and preschool education for children aged 2 to 6 years. The school includes a school club and a newly renovated school canteen.

Elementary school, elementary school:
- nine-year primary school
- education for 1st and 2nd level
- capacity 250 pupils
- school group, tel. 776 410 096, 736 185 773
- school canteen
- rings: gymnastic, floorball, yachting, medical, frymballet.

Kindergarten, kindergarten:
- pre-school education for children
- 2 classes, capacity 56 children
- monthly thematic units
- stay outside.

Throughout the school year, we organize sports, educational and cultural events for our students. Frymburk Elementary School and Kindergarten are located at Frymburk 112.

  • first school, elementary school, second level of primary school, after-school childcare, children's hobby groups, foreign languages teaching, Waldorf school
  • pre-school education, qualified teachers, private nursery

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