Brezova-Tisova 3, Brezova 357 61
The company is bankrupt.

THE COMPANY certified according to DIN 18800-7, 18808, DIN 15018.
Production, delivery/supply:
-steel structures
-halls, buildings, machine parts
-staircases, air lines/conduits
-duct systems, discharge chutes/hoppers, wash/standpipes
-tanks, bins/reservoirs, silos
-heavy weldments, containers, pressure vessels, expanders, exchangers
-superheaters, luwa, milling plants, conveyors, pumps, fittings
-heat exchangers, piping, fittings, overload/safety valves, compressors
-boilers and boiler plants
-piping systems
-rotary parts, rotors, engines, steam and water turbines
-surface treatment/finish - metal spraying - plasma spraying-aluminium and zinc - Schoop-plating/metallizing, blasting, sanding
-welders, welding according to CSN, EN and DIN 18800-7 according to CSN-EN 287-1, according to the method 141, 135, 311, 111.

  • hot water reservoirs, installations of solar systems, boiler regulation, distribution of heating radiators
  • interior steel structure construction, steel structure anchoring, steel structure assembly
  • metal tanks and manholes, metal containers, metal cesspits, metal silos, metal waste containers
  • heating expansion tanks, water system expansion tanks, pressure vessel holders, expansion tank brackets

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