Sokolovske strojirny, a.s.

Chebska ulice c.p. 2096, Sokolov 356 01
Production, repair, assembly, erection:
-steel structures
-equipment for industrial dusts removal
-equipment for quarries and sand pits, glass works
-technological facilities
-silos, bunkers
-chain and belt conveyors, en-masse conveyers.
-overhaul of mining machinery and large excavators.
Electric motor rewind.
-sand blasting, blasting, paints
-heat treatment.
Discarded tire recycling equipment:
Microwave technology for processing of rubber granulate.
Division Cheb, Podhradska 5, 75002 Cheb, tel./fax: +420-354430517, e-mail:, Mr.Pavel Volek, MSc.

  • engineering production, machining and turning, milling of metal parts, automatic lathes, custom metalworking
  • welding of gates, railing and staircase welding, welding of shelves and racks, welding of large hall structures
  • steel balcony constructions, hall steel structures, steel structures of photovoltaic power plants, steel street furniture, metal stairs
  • water towers, storage tanks, silos for mixtures, pressure vessels

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