Zemedelske obchodni druzstvo Mrakov

c.21, Mrakov 345 01
Agricultural Trade Cooperative Mrákov focuses on plant and animal production. We grow rape, wheat, corn and poppies. In animal production, we specialize in breeding dairy cows, calves, heifers and beef feed. At present, our cooperative manages 2, 470 ha of agricultural land.

Collective farm:
- plant, animal production

Crop production, cultivation, sale:
- fodder crops
- cereals
- rape
- spring barley, winter
- corn
- Poppy.

Animal production, breeding, sale:
- Holstein cattle
- dairy cows
- calves, heifers, beef fat
- being
- pigs
- milk and beef production.


- Meat
- sausages
- dairy products.

Another services:
- agricultural work
- trucking
- AD 20 mobile crane
- carpentry, joinery work
- metal production (welding, bending, sheet metal cutting, pressing, cutting)
- company catering.

Gas stations, sales:
- fuel.

- compound feed for livestock and pets.

We run a biogas plant.

  • inland truck transport, inland transport of oversized loads, haulier liability insurance
  • chicken meat, pork, beef, veal, turkey, sausages, bacon and lard, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants
  • cow's milk, goat's milk, yoghurt drinks, fermented milk products, fresh butter, pasteurized milk, hard cheeses, soft cheese, cottage cheese products
  • sales and distribution of petrol, diesel, natural gas, antifreeze to diesel
  • farm animal breeding, environmental hen breeding, breeding stations for pigs, dairy cow breeding
  • food for dogs, cat food, rodent and turtle feed, breeding pigs and cattle, breeding cows and goats, breeding sheeps
  • soya beans, pea and bean seeds, lentil seeds, oilseed rape, sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, linseed and flaxseed, poppy heads
  • distribution of cereals, feed wheat, food wheat, feed barley, feed rye, millet and spelt
  • growing of plants providing elastomers, plants producing tannin, plants containing natural pigments
  • seed multiplication, fruit trees variety, grain sowing, grassy areas mowing, tree felling

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