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Production of plastic switchboards
ELPLAST-KPZ Rokycany is a purely Czech company with several years of tradition in the production of plastic switchboards. Enclosure material (SMC Prepreg) meets the demanding criteria of European standards. The company is a significant supplier of cabinets for energy distribution companies, for wholesalers of electrical installation material and for end customers not only in the Czech Republic. In recent years, the company has significantly strengthened its position in the market of atypical switchboards and special applications of plastic boxes - eg in the field of telecommunications, public lighting and photovoltaic power plants.

The company produces and supplies:
- terminal and disconnecting boxes
- switchboards for transformer stations
- switchboards for photovoltaic power plants
- switchboards and cabinets for street lighting
- pillars and cabinets for measuring electricity
- pillars and cabinets for gas measurement
- construction switchboards
- lightning arrester cabinets
- secondary and residential distribution boards
- atypical switchboards
- empty cabinets for further use.

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ELPLAST-KPZ Rokycany, spol.s r.o.


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