Ing. Jiri Zizka
Vyskove prace Plzen

Pod Cihelnou 628/8, Plzen 323 00
Our company led by Ing. Jiřho Žižka, a high-altitude instructor, carries out all work at heights using mountaineering techniques.

We will arrange for you all activities in the heights of trees, structures and buildings in Pilsen and the surrounding area.
Our services include:
 - painting of high-rise constructions and facades
 - fire protection coatings and coatings for steel and timber structures
 - repairs and insulation of facades and chimneys
 - replacement of plumbing structures and elements
 - assembly of steel structures and sheathing of halls
 - pairing of prefabricated houses
 - washing windows, glasses and lifts using mountaineering techniques
 - rental of scaffolding
 - training of workers working at heights
 - fire prevention
 - installation of fire seals
 - realization and construction of GSM stations
 - repair and replacement of plumbing structures and elements
 - roof sheeting.

We also rent and lease:
 - suspension scaffolding FOX
 - aluminum scaffolding and Hymer mobile towers.
We provide transport including assembly and issue of necessary documents.
In case of long-term lease there is a possibility of discount

Work at heights is very dangerous and risky, so emphasis should be placed on professional training.
We provide work safety training for work at heights - OHS, which is suitable for:
 - training of height workers
 - workers performing or managing work at heights
 - police and telecommunications firms
 - installers of height constructions
 - repairers of tall machines and cranes
 - operating forces and tanks
 - plumbers, roofers, lightning conductors and carpenters.

We provide periodic revisions of PPE, inspections of equipment for work at heights, safety inspections, testing and inspection.
We supply and design personal protective equipment for work at heights, especially climbing technology.
Periodic product reviews of companies:
 - Lanex, Singing Rock, Petzl, Kong, Alpin, Bupex, Beal, Kask, Grivel, Raveltik, Tendon.

  • painting work, insulation of damp spots, wallpaper removal, plaster grinding, painting of windows, door coatings, floor coating, room paper hanging
  • roofing installation, roof supply, turnkey roofs, metal element installation, further processing of sheet metal
  • painting at heights, assembly technology provision, paints of roofs and facades, tree cutting, building window cleaning, billboard assembly
  • protective helmets, work gloves, safety goggles, welding helmets, welding shields, hearing protectors, protective masks, respirators sale, work aprons
  • mobile aluminium scaffolding, working platforms, self-propelled telescopic boom lift, work at height
  • special educational courses, team building courses, machine operation courses, workshops and motivation courses

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