Jaroslav Sejpka - EVUS

Lipova 874, Stary Plzenec 332 02
Our company Jaroslav sejpka is based in Pilsen, but performs work throughout the Czech Republic, but mostly in the Pilsen region. Its main activity is the execution of all earthworks, excavation works and demolition. We will prepare the basics for the house and water or gas connections. We also make landscaping and implement gardens according to the design or wishes of the customer. We also dig sumps, pools, ponds, wells and more. We have many years of experience with transhipment of existing engineering networks and construction of new networks. The employees of our company have the necessary qualifications and are properly trained. We own 6 excavators of various sizes, from a small to a large wheeled excavator. Of course, there are various sizes of buckets, sloping tilts, a hammer, a drilling rig. We provide transportation of material to or from the construction site. We also offer work with the MP 17 platform, hand height up to 17 m.

Our activity:

transhipment of utilities in any terrain (road, sidewalk, stream, etc.)

- preparation of engineering networks

- preparation of foundations for the house

- earthworks in small spaces

- drainage and vertical insulation

- construction of roads, sidewalks

- preparation for interlocking paving

- dismantling of the old fencing and implementation of the new

- preparation of holes for martens, settling and concreting of martens, settling of underburden boards, hanging of mesh and other work

related to fencing

- tearing or spreading topsoil

- all landscaping

- preparation and implementation of the garden according to the design

- material loading

We are located in Pilsen at 11 Zelinářská Street.

  • vertical traffic signs, horizontal road marking, temporary traffic signs, elements of road signs, photoluminescent traffic signs, cable crash barriers
  • ceramic tiles laying, jointing materials, laying of pavement, way paving, fireplace facing
  • water line digging, sewerage digging, underground utility construction, construction of surface roads, pavement and sidewalk construction, landscaping and ground work
  • water underground utilities, sewage utilities, water-service pipes, sewer connections, heat distribution, power distribution networks
  • forged fences, metal gates, slide rail gates, drives for metal gates, revolving metal gates, metal fences
  • greenery maintenance, tree and bush treatment, lawn renovation, irrigation system installations, landscaping, greenery care

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