JOKR - montaze s.r.o.
Revize jerabu a zdvihacich zarizeni

  • handling devices, machinery for warehouses, cranes and lifting machinery

  • language courses for companies, special courses for businesses, evening classes for firms, lectures for staff, adult education

Company JOKR - montáže s.r.o. deals with the revisions of cranes and lifting equipment, as well as training of crane operators or binders from which participants receive certificates.

For safe handling, which we can not do without, we supply all hanging, binding and gripping devices. But this just starts, we are ready to take care of regular checks or revisions.

We provide complete services related to all lifting equipment or cranes - service, inspection, repairs. We will get rid of your worries and our company will take care of everything.
Based on an individual solution, we will prepare for your company the “System of safe work of the company according to the ČSN ISO 12480-1 standard”.

Inspections, inspection tests, inspections:
- mobile cranes
- cranes (without load capacity limitation)
- derricks
- cable and overhead coaches
- hoists (electric)
- work platforms
- overhead cranes
- shelf stackers
- hand jacks, winches and tackles
- lifting equipment.

We will also provide training for crane operators or binders. We organize training courses for lifting equipment. By completing the training you will receive the appropriate authorization for handling the given lifting device (binder or crane license, certificate of completion of the course).

Installation, inspection, repairs, service:
- lifting equipment
- cranes
- hoists
- gripping, hanging and binding means.

The maximum guarantee of our quality services is supported by the high expertise of our employees and regularly renewed international certification for cranes, special gripping devices and lifting equipment. Certificates that distinguish us from our competitors are for:
- revisions
- revision tests
- training
- inspection.

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JOKR - montaze s.r.o.


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