ESTA, spol. s r.o.

Kounicka 68, Ivancice 664 91
The traditional manufacturer of connection, disconnecting and electricity meter switchboards - this is the company ESTA, spol. S ro, which is based in Ivančice. Our company is also a manufacturer of electrometer, gas or combined plastic cabinets.

Switchboards produced by our company are certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2016. The switchboards we manufacture are among others the bearers of the quality mark ESČ and Czech quality. For the production of switchboards, ESTA uses a material that meets the demanding criteria of European standards (IEC, etc.) - SMC, which is a glass fiber-reinforced Prepreg.

Company ESTA, spol s.r.o. In addition to the production of switchboards, it also produces:

Plastic cabinets
 - electrometer
- gas meter
- Combined
- empty
- for outdoor lighting
- for domestic installations

Valves LV, HV, HV
 - anchor and bearing components
 - current connections for insulated lines
 - current connections for bare lines
Cantilever LV, HV, HV
 - yoke clamps, anchor
 - hooks, double hooks

As part of our complementary assortment, our customers can buy from us:
- Hydraulic tools
- PPN tools

All the above products can be purchased through our e-shop.

  • electric cables, power adaptors, rechargeable batteries, home switches, house sockets, motion sensors, frequency converters, electrical conductors

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