KONTEST s.r.o.

c.14, Brezina 666 01
Construction work, delivery, installation.
Flat roof insulation:
-waterproofing strips
-reflective coating.
Paintings, coatings:
-interiors incl. antifungal
-construction of roofs.
-zinc-plated mesh
-cast anhydrite screeds (up to 1000m2, soon walkable, accelerating construction
-self-leveling floors (residential and industrial)
Construction work, profession:
-concrete worker
-demolition, masonry of windows and doors.
Revitalization of buildings:
-BAUMIT, CEMIX, Weber, Mamutherm.
-work clothes incl. customer logo.
Collection and recycling:
-paper, PE foil, plastics.

  • concrete floor constructions, concrete products, concrete pavers and curbs, masonry materials, foundations concreting
  • sound insulation, heat insulation, roof insulation, insulation of terraces, insulation of substructures, insulation of swimming pools, insulation against chemicals
  • painting work, insulation of damp spots, wallpaper removal, plaster grinding, painting of windows, door coatings, floor coating, room paper hanging
  • laying of ceramic tiles, laying of ceramic floor tiling, stair tiling, silicone tile sealing, anchoring strips installation
  • floor laying, floor grinding, renovation of parquet floors, floor waxing, laying of carpets, carpet removall
  • construction and masonry work, building of brick walls, stone and concrete walls, old facade repairs
  • waste recycling, waste management, waste disposal, sorting of plastics, paper sorting, metal separation, separation of white and coloured glass, collection of batteries
  • scrap repurchase, scrap collection, environment-friendly disposal of wrecks, metal scrap reprocessing, waste processing and disposal
  • working trousers, work overalls, work boots, work jackets, work socks, medical gowns, medical trousers
  • thermal insulation of house, roof repair, attic replacement, thermal insulation of building cladding, insulation of windowsills, window ledges replacement, replacement of railings, reconstruction of flats, restoration of houses, rehabilitation of plinths, substitution of lightning conductors, replacement of windows and doors

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