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Company RNDr. Karel Martyčák - microscopes and teaching aids since 1995 deals with the supply of microscopes and optical equipment from the Dutch company Euromex. Other products include microscope accessories and teaching aids.

The wide range includes laboratory, biological, school microscope cameras and cold light sources.

You can choose from the following types of classic school microscopes with LED lighting:

- Eco Blue microscope
- EcoBlue digital microscope
- BioBlue microscope
- BioBlue digital microscope
- BioBlue Lab

From microscopes for higher professional practice, medical or veterinary purposes you can choose from:

- Novex B microscope
- Novex B LED microscope
- Novex B microscope (for phase contrast)
- Novex B LED microscope (for phase contrast)
- Novex B polarization microscope

These microscopes are complemented by halogen or LED lighting and semi-planar or planar lenses.

You can choose from special laboratory microscopes that are complemented by high-quality infinity corrected planar optics:

- iScope PLi microscope
- iScope EPLi microscope
- iScope EPL microscope

- Oxion PL microscope
- Oxion DFPLT microscope (for dark field observation)
- Oxion Sa microscope (semi-chromatic objectives)
- Oxion PHPL (Phase Contrast Observation) Microscope

Metallography microscopes (for reflected light observations):

- Metallographic microscope Euromex IM.2653-PLM
- Metallographic microscope Euromex IM.2153-PLM

Polarized microscopes that are also suitable for school practice:

- Euromex EcoBlue polarizing microscope
- Euromex BioBlue polarization microscope
- Polarizing microscope Euromex 85.010

Other products of the company include stereomicroscopes, which offer the following types:

- Eeuromex DZ
- Euromex Nexius
- Euromex Novex RZ
- Euromex StereoBlue
- Euromex EduBlue
- Euromex Novex P
- Euromex Novex AP

Of the microscope and stereomicroscope accessories:

- lighting
- cameras
- microscope tablets
- preparation of preparations
- microscopic preparations
- magnifying glasses

In addition to selling microscopes and accessories for optical technology, you can contact RNDr. Karel Machýček also buy teaching aids such as:

- briefcase sets (science, chemical, physical, biological, ecological and mathematical)
- teaching aids for physics, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, mathematics, health science ...
- dolls and kits for kindergartens
- overviews (upper and lower case tables, physics overviews, chemical tables, ...)
- Star Theater Collection (moon phase clock, planetica, ...)
- toys and construction sets (dolls, optical toys, ...)

Company RNDr. Karel Martyčák - microscopes and teaching aids, it is a large selection of microscopes for school and laboratory purposes and a rich selection of aids for pupils of nursery, primary and secondary schools.


Novex, BioBlue, Oxion, Euromex

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