reca spol. s r.o.

  • reflex clothing, work vests, work trousers, wais dungarees, work aprons, warm work overalls

  • sales of machine parts, nuts and bolts, dowels, threaded inserts, lug bolts, connecting anchors

  • gluing products, special cleaning agents, rehabilitation materials, surface treatment, contact heat insulating systems, building materials and plasters

  • ear protectors, protective goggles, helmets, protective masks, work gloves

  • manual electric tools, workshop tools, professional instruments, belt sanders, domestic do-it-yourself, cordless drills

The reca spol. s r.o .. In our portfolio you will find threaded rods, nuts, wood screws, washers, dowels, hand tools, cutting and grinding tools, milling cutters, saws, drills, clamping tools, construction chemicals, adhesives or sealing materials. We are located at Olomoucká 1185/36, Brno - Černovice.

Wholesale, e-shop:

Fastening technology, fasteners:
- Hexagon bolts
- coarse screws
- nuts
- threaded rods
- threaded screws
- cylindrical, tapered, grooved pins
- wood screws
- washers
- rivets
- rope technology ..... and others.

- owns the RECA brand and a range of branded products from leading manufacturers
- hand tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers ... etc.)
- cutting and grinding tools
- reamers, saws, drills, milling cutters
- clamps, vices
- welding technology
- measuring aids
- workshop equipment.

Workshop, Building Chemistry:
- lubricating sprays
- copper paste
- assembly pastes
- rust removers
- cleaners, polishes
- adhesives
- Sealants, silicones
- PU foams ..... etc.

Protective equipment:
- helmets, goggles, eye shields, hearing protectors, breathing masks, gloves, workwear.


Reca, Arecal, Ergo

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Olomoucka 1185/36
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+420 548210880-2

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