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Marketing agency European Databank JSC. (EDB) provides information about Czech companies in the Czech Republic and abroad and presents companies on the Internet. Besides company registrations in our own catalogue, we also provide data about companies, we are engaged in creation of websites, services in the field of editorial marketing, SEO, banner and PPC advertising and other forms of (not only) Internet advertising.

Firm registration in the catalogue of companies of the European Databank
- Simple and well arranged presentation which can be extended with content and graphics (logo, video, pictures...)
- Advantageous backlink to your website
- Advantageous targeting - be visible where customers are looking for you
- Company registration and other text content can also be translated into foreign languages (English, German, Slovak, Italian, Polish, Spanish)

Provision of information about companies:
- Sending of marketing information - a list of domestic companies according to subject (field) of their activity, locality, legal form, etc. in an Excel file
- Searches of companies from the Czech Republic and abroad to order according to required criteria
- On-line shop with compiled branch databases on the www.edb.cz portal
- Collection of data about subjects of business, their processing and daily updating
- Telephone information service about companies on the telephone line 14000 for local telephone fee, sending of information free of charge by SMS and e-mail
- Provision of information about companies for free through Skype calls, Skype address edb14000
- Downloading of company contacts directly to a client's computer
- Delivery of client's request to selected companies
- Entering of inquiries - an easy way to get a supplier
- Sending of inquiries and public contracts from branch of a company on e-mail
- Publication of business opportunities from the Czech Republic and from all the world

Creation of webs, web content and SEO:
- Creation of made-to-measure websites
- Responsive web design for maximum functionality
- SEO - website optimization for search engines (Google, Seznam, Yahoo, Bing...)
- Internet content creation (PR articles, texts for websites, EDB advertisements so called "Offers"...)
- Editorial support (creation of texts, proofreading, SEO of texts)
- Language versions of websites - translations into English, German, Slovak, Italian, Polish, Spanish
- Social networks (Facebook, Google +) - campaigns on social networks and routine communication

Banner advertising:
- Professional graphic design of banners
- Placing of banners within the EDB catalogue and also at other portals
- Excellent targeting at a customer

PPC advertising:
- Contextual advertising across the Internet where you only pay for a real click
- PPC systems Google AdWords, Sklik, Etarget...
- Professional support of a PPC specialist

We also provide these types of advertising:
- Print advertising
- Outdoor advertising
- Television advertising
- Radio advertising



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