ZAMMA-SUDY, s.r.o.
vinarske potreby

ZAMMA-SUDY, s.r.o. vinařské potřeby

  • cover textiles, flowerbed lining, reed screens, quick-release clamps for hoses, sprayers, decorative stones
  • material handling, lifting and drive-up platforms, loading ramps, forklift trucks, bucket elevators
  • freezing equipment, refrigerating boxes, spiral freezers, tunnel chillers, high-speed freezers, expansion valves, condensing units, compressor units, cooling centres, central high side
  • canning machines, dairy machines, bakery machines, fillers and dispensers, food processing presses
  • complex technological lines, aluminium processing lines, incinerator lines, technological recycling lines
  • spraying equipment, air dryers, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps and blowers, pumping equipment

Czech Companies:    Food processing machinery and equipment,  Gardening tools and accessories,  Pumps, compressors and high-pressure equipment,  Refrigerating and cooling equipment,  Technological lines,  Transport and handling equipment,