PEROUTKA, s.r.o.

Palackeho namesti 8, Brno 621 00

  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools
  • protective coating compositions, synthetic and universal paints, diluents and solvents, oil paints and boiled oils
  • kitchen tiling, bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles, exterior tiling, outdoor pavement
  • wooden parquet flooring, solid oak boards, multilayer parquet flooring, castle parquet flooring, renovation and grinding of parquet, floor laying
  • gluing products, special cleaning agents, rehabilitation materials, surface treatment, contact heat insulating systems, building materials and plasters
  • concrete components, concrete blocks, concrete pavement, concrete centerings and columns, concrete tanks, concrete road elements
  • dealing with surface treatments, construction chemicals, chemical product range, synthetic and epoxy paints
  • chemicals for building industry, construction paints and varnishes, chemistry for remediation, chemicals for structure reinforcement, waterproofing chemicals, sealing chemicals, chemicals for concrete production

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Facade and interior paints, wholesale Brno, the Czech Republic

Facade and interior paints, wholesale Brno, the Czech Republic

Since 1990, specialists familiar with offered range of products attend to our customers in our shops. They advise you whether you are a handyman or corporate customer. Our family-owned company prides itself mainly on good and personal approach to customers. We provide supplies and transport directly to a building site for construction companies and craftsmen. We negotiate object and contract discounts for large contracts directly at manufacturers, we provide purchasing discounts and bonuses for regular customers. Wide range of tools for tilers can be found in our wholesale and retail. Besides other things, various kinds of paints. We offer wide range of products and shades of interior and facade paints. Facade paints - acrylic, mineral, silicone, silicate. Interior paints - painter's abrasion resistant, plastic washable and mineral. After agreement, we provide delivery of goods within Brno and surroundings free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit any of our shops, whether in Brno Reckovice or the shop in Brno Bohunice. Complete range of products can be found on the website.