AGROGEN, spol. s r.o.

Zahradni 1a, Troubsko 664 41
Improvement, production, supply, sale:
-seed for sowing (seeds) of lucerne / alfalfa, sainfoin, purple clover and white clover / shamrock, kidney vetch, fodder cabbage, annual rye-grass and perennial ryegrass
-seed for sowing (seeds) of the other technical grasses and clover-grass mixtures for various use
-seeds of more than about 25 kinds of medicinal plants
-cultivars of fruit trees and roses for small consumption and extensive plantings.
Consumer and supplier collaboration with reputable companies in the Czech Republic and the whole Europe.
Many of our varieties of fodder crops (which we own) are authorized for sale in EU countries.
Seeds produced and supplied by us have traditionally the highest quality certificates.

We are members of CMSSA (Bohemian and Moravian plant selection and seed growing association).

  • organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, short-acting fertilizers, long-acting fertilizers, watering fertilizers, fertilizing granulate, fertilizer spraying
  • genetic diversity of plants, plant breeding, vegetable seed production, seed production, seed processing

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Improvement of seeds, plant breeding station, Brno - countryside, the Czech Republic

Improvement of seeds, plant breeding station, Brno - countryside, the Czech Republic

AGROGEN, Ltd. is the company offering breeding, production and sale of various kinds and varieties of recognized seeds. We provide breeding and maintaining of varieties of field crop plants, fodder plants and medicinal plants. Activity is carried on at workplaces in Zelesice, Slavice and the commercial centre in Troubsko. We can also offer mixing, production, delivery of grass and clover-grass mixture. We sell and produce seeds and also fruit trees. Seeds are sell to retail customers at our branch in Troubsko. Improvement of seeds, plant breeding station, Brno - countryside. More information at our website.