MANIBS BRNO, spol. s r.o.

The company MANIBS BRNO, spol. s r.o. operates on the Czech market since 1979 and provides anti-corrosion and insulation systems Denso, sealing and experienced balloons for gas and sewerage.

Thanks to the merger of two major companies Brüder Mannesmann and IBS Nagel, which produced special fittings for gas and water pipelines, he has more than 40 years of experience in the gas and water industry.

Its main products include:

Fittings and safety kits - high-quality, long-life fittings that are supplied by reputable German manufacturers and can also be adapted for asbestos-cement pipes. The wide range includes:

- special fittings for repairs
- special fittings with flanged branches
- special threaded tap fittings
- high pressure fittings and sleeves
- Balloons and fittings for their insertion
- safety fittings and valves
- safety drill fittings and equipment
- special fittings
- house connections and taps
- flexible couplings
- pipe connection
- spare parts for drilling equipment, balloon insertion and gallery

Corrosion and Insulation Systems - DENSOLEN steel piping is protected with an anti-corrosion insulation strip system of the highest quality and prevents corrosion. These piping systems are suitable, for example, for the construction of large piping systems or for rehabilitation. In a wide system you can choose:

- corrosion protection (tape systems for permanent protection)
- primer + kit (solvents with primer)
- densolides (powerful protection with polyurethanes)
- kerosene (kerosene tapes with long-term corrosion protection)
- insulating tapes (self-gathering tapes that form a hose package)
- shrink sleeves (medium and high shrink sleeves)

Pipe shutters - quality shut-off systems of the German company Städtler + Beck, GmbH, which are intended for the water and gas industry as well as for balloons and sewerage. The assortment includes:

- shut-off and test balloons for gas pipelines
- sealing and testing balloons for sewers
- short-term pipe closures

High voltage flaw detectors - flaw detectors are used for insulation testing. Quick and professional detection of possible cracks or other damage. The flaw detectors are high-voltage and operate on the basis of pulses that react to porosity and possible corrosion or irregularities. Flaw detectors can be used for:

- pipes (external and internal)
- stacked containers
- enamelled cartridges
- reactors
- rubberized surfaces
- plastics
- fittings
- construction parts

Measuring equipment and devices - we also supply measuring equipment and devices from other companies. These products include:

- additional water supply equipment
- measuring technology for water supply systems
- flange seals
- instruments for measuring odorization on gas pipelines
- measuring technology for gas pipelines

In addition to a wide range of products we also provide security, repair and maintenance services. We can help you with:

- by drilling gas, water and oil pipelines
- closing gas pipelines
- drilling of pressurized pipelines during operation up to 1000 bar
- temporary shutdown of pipelines during operation up to 1000 bar (gas, water, diesel and other media)
- Bypass devices up to 600 mm diameter
- securing the inner surface of the pipeline using electronic hedgehogs

We also supply:

- fittings
- cleaning hedgehogs
- separating nipples
- hedgehogs for filling and not emptying pipes
- hedgehog parts

We are a company that is constantly developing and our priority is to supply quality products for gas and water supply. We provide corrosion insulation for pipes and other services on a professional level.


Bruder, Mannesmann, Denso

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