Chodníkové výseče

The company EXTERIER BETON, s.r.o. is engaged in the manufacture and sale of smooth concrete paving, washed paving, sections for garden walkways, pool edging for pool edging, staircase elements for lining existing or building a new staircase, concrete flower pots and boxes, garden furniture such as various types of benches and tables, garden fountain or sink, lights, trash cans, barriers. We also manufacture fence masonry blocks and roofs of various surfaces, lost formwork for masonry foundations or non-visible walls, slope blocks for strengthening slopes, curbs, edging palisades, gutters or water meter shafts.

Production, sales, eshop:
- flat paving
- plinth tiles
- slices and treads
- staircase elements
- pool elements
- flower pots, boxes
- garden furniture
- garden accessories and urban furniture
- slope blocks
- fence elements and lost formwork
- curbs
- palisades
- water meter shafts and reclamation trough
- custom production
- decorative pebbles and gravel.

We are also able to produce various atypical elements to order. You can find us at Holubická 373, Pozořice.

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