INSEBO, spol.s r.o.

Vystaviste 1, Brno 603 00
-gas installation
-reconstruction of apartment cores, reconstruction of bathrooms.

Repair, reconstruction:
-social facilities, toilet

-residential water meters
-automatic flushers (sensors).

-automatic urinal flushers.

  • plumbing products, plumbing pipes and fittings, plumbing stop valves, plumbing accessories
  • ceramic tiles laying, jointing materials, laying of pavement, way paving, fireplace facing
  • installation of gas systems, inspection of gas equipment, maintenance of gas distribution network, gas fitter services, repairs of gas pipelines and gas installations
  • heat pump assembly, solar panel designing, floor heating implementation, boiler replacement
  • water piping installation, water connections, water distribution and sewer system, installation of water meters, installation of water taps
  • construction and masonry work, building of brick walls, stone and concrete walls, old facade repairs
  • comfort of sanitary facilities, wall and floor tiling, sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, sanitary unit reconstruction

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