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Attendance and access systems are dealt with by the company ADVENT, spol. s r.o. The company also deals with catering systems with PowerKey software.

Catering systems:
- PowerKey software
- full and automated service of canteens and canteens
- the possibility of affiliation to an existing attendance system
- ability to configure also for external workers (temporary workers, seniors, visits)
- the management of any number of canteens and canteens
- Sorting boarders into different groups according to parameters
- Ordering food with the help of a graphic counter
- A detailed overview of boarder spending.

Attendance systems:
- simple overview of arrivals and departures, attendance records, access system
- interconnection with more than 75 systems for calculation of wages
- action management

Why buy an attendance system:
- saving time and money
- overview of employees
- documents for wage calculation.

  • computer services, programming services, installation of operating systems, data backup, recovery of lost data, PC system speed up, replacement of computer components

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