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Custom engineering production focusing on noise-reducing materials, noise insulation and soundproofing of roads, highways, railways, bridges, fences. Industrial soundproofing of machines - production halls, in family houses and flats. Soundproofing of heat pumps and air conditioning

Noise barriers and fences, road and rail noise metal panels.
Metal panels (highly sound-absorbing), available in various RAL shades according to customer requirements, but also in wood, water…
PMMA - polymethyl methacrylate, acrylic glass, plexiglass:
- certified acoustic plexiglass, ideal for soundproofing of roads, highways, bridges, but also fences, 7 color shades, with protection against birds
- PMMA with encapsulated fibers - against road noise, does not shatter when the vehicle collides
- PMMA opaque glass, matt or glossy
- wood panels
- integrated crash barriers
- rail brake dampers
Monolithic reinforced concrete structures

Industrial soundproofing of machines, heat pumps
- noise barriers, covers, cells and screens suitable for factory halls, warehouses, production lines
- housings for air-conditioning, heat pump, compressor or air conditioning sound insulation
- fences and gates from RS panels
- plastic fences (UV resistant)

Noise insulation:
Building sound and sound insulations for sound insulation of walls, ceilings, floors and ventilation openings in apartments and houses:
- CIRFIBER insulation also has excellent thermal properties, also suitable for peripheral masonry
- insulating materials with rubber membrane - CIRMIX DUAL and CIRMIX PRO
- floor insulation - CIRFONIC HP, PAV GOLD, 3000, 3500 - absorbs impact noise
- self-adhesive sound insulation for pipes, footrests and ventilation,
- Insulating pads and cases for exhalation and ventilation shafts
- Strip and Izo tapes - reduce vibration transmission to perpendicular walls or ceilings when building a new partition or laying a floor

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