ERILENS s.r.o.

Papirenska 114/5, Praha 6 160 00
Production, sale, distribution of medical devices and fixative materials.

Locomotion aids:
- forearm crutches
- sale of crutches and walking sticks
- wooden and duralumin underarm crutches
- wooden walking sticks
- adjustable duralumin sticks.

Accessories for locomotion aids:
- rubber tips for crutches and walking sticks
- ice (antislip) tips for crutches and walking sticks
- covers for underarm rests and hand grips of crutches
- walking stick wrist strap
- holder for crutches and sticks.

Medical devices:
- toilet chairs for home care
- irrigators to perform an enema
- anti-decubitus pads under a heel and an elbow against pressure sore.

Fixative material:
- finger splints in several sizes
- light synthetic fixations and casting tapes for hands, legs and a trunk for treatment of fractures, sprains and for immobilization of joints
- padded bandages and knitted bandages under synthetic fixations
- oscillating saws to remove synthetic fixations
- accessories and cutting blades for oscillating saws.

Transport systems for immobile people.

Production, sale of crutches and walking sticks.

  • medical aids and requisites, medical supplies, bandage and dressing material, forearm crutches, wheelchairs for the handicapped, lifting equipment for patients

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Sale of forearm crutches and walking sticks Prague, the Czech Republic

Sale of forearm crutches and walking sticks Prague, the Czech Republic

The ERILENS Ltd. company manufactures and sells: - Forearm crutches - Wooden crutches - Underarm crutches - Lightweight duralumin crutches of high carrying capacity - Walking sticks and accessories for crutches. Underarm crutches are suitable as a post-traumatic locomotion aid. We offer conventional crutches also in child size and wide range of colour versions. We offer walking sticks: - Wooden - Duralumin - Folding - Height-adjustable - With various shapes of handles. Wide range of accessories for walking sticks and crutches: - Crutch holders - Hand grip covers and underarm rest covers - Walking stick wrist straps - Rubber anti-slip tips with spikes and more. Are you troubled with limited mobility? We are here for you to provide you greater comfort and convenience.