Greif-akustika, s.r.o.
Mereni modelovani, snizovani hluku Praha

  • sound insulation, heat insulation, roof insulation, insulation of terraces, insulation of substructures, insulation of swimming pools, insulation against chemicals

  • installation of ventilation equipment, drying and recuperation equipment, air distribution and treatment

  • insulating materials, insulating foils and films, insulating glass and boards, glass wool

  • temperature sensors, conductivity measurement, regulators and pressure gauges, servo-motors and detectors, gauge installation

Greif - acoustics, Ltd. performs noise measurement and modeling, acoustic studies.

We provide comprehensive services for industry and power engineering in the field of noise reduction from design to final assembly. We are also engaged in the production of silencers, acoustic screens, covers and containers, sound insulation and, last but not least, anti-noise doors.

You have free consultation and technical support.

In our product range you can find silencers, acoustic covers, screens, bonnets, containers, insulation and soundproofing (soundproof) doors.

Acoustic materials:
- vibration damping
- sound absorption
- increased sound insulation.

Building acoustics:
- GS anti-noise doors
- GP silentblocks
- GA-acoustic absorbers.

Acoustic screens:
- GZL - lightweight HVAC applications
- GZT - for industry
- GZM - mobile construction.

- zoning and planning proceedings, EIA
- construction works
- consultation
- acoustic survey
- noise maps.

Industrial construction:
- studies of technological units and industrial sites
- design of acoustic modifications
- assessment of new projects.

Acoustic calculations:
- room acoustics
- building construction
- flexible mounting
- building noise.

- noise measurement and modeling
- acoustic research, audit, monitoring
- vibration measurement.

Building acoustics:
- reverberation time
- air and impact sound insulation.

- measurement
- design of flexible bearings
- vibrodiagnostics of machinery and equipment.

We realize:
- anti-noise measures
- technical support and surveillance
- internet counseling
- civil, commercial and industrial construction
- study of technological units
- assessment of new projects
- acoustic calculations and proposals for their modifications.

We also deal with:
- air conditioning
- flue gas ducts
- flues
- acoustic and acoustic insulation (noise-proof doors)
- measuring and reducing vibration
- building elements and acoustics
- reverberation time
- acoustic absorbers
- compressed gases
- processing of the measurement concept
- vibrodiagnostics of machines.

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