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Nova cesta 291/40
Praha 4 140 00

BETOSAN s.r.o.

BETOSAN s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since 1992.
Our company is the largest domestic manufacturer of construction chemicals.
Production, sale of special and remediation materials for construction - E-shop - action news.

We offer the means to ensure waterproofing or rehabilitation of concrete and reinforced concrete, as well as products for cementing and grouting or repair plasters and special mortars.

Our production program includes:
 - rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and damp masonry
 - waterproofing against water
 - waterproofing materials with XYPEX additives

 - concrete additives
 - special mortars - SUPERFIX mortar mixture
 - synthetic resin-based materials
 - dry mixes for concrete repair
 - quick-setting prefabricated compounds for floor and other construction repairs:
 - Monocrete Rapid, Monocrete PPE
 - systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures
 - hydrophobic impregnation of crack bandage
 - application of membranes
 - surface coatings
 - electromechanical protection
 - reinforcement with glued inserts
 - floor systems
 - dispersion protective coatings
 - silicone insulation for wet masonry
 - Moisture infusion cream
 - Universal sealant
 - plastic building materials
 - Universal sealants
 - thixotropic epoxy adhesives
 - penetration resin
 - plastics and mixtures
 - anti-radon insulation WATERFIN PV
 - colored quartz fillers, epoxy adhesives and others.
 - sealing, sealing, grouting
 - reinforcing structures.

We provide and provide complete service including professional technical advice.

 Prague Warehouse - Attention Change Address !!!
 Kyslikova 1984/4 Praha 4 - Komorany
 Full operation will be resumed from 9.7.2018

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BETOSAN s.r.o.
Nova cesta 291/40
Praha 4 140 00
GPS: 50°2′19.97″ N, 14°26′11.94″ E

50°2′19.97″ N, 14°26′11.94″ E

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Nova cesta 291/40
Praha 4 140 00
+420 241 431 212

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