DAP. a.s.
Dlazdicske a asfalterske prace Praha

Reconstruction and maintenance of land
roads in Prague and its surroundings

We provide:
- paving work
Tile work:
- reconstruction of pavements, paving, pedestrian
- construction, repair of sidewalks, pedestrian zones
- roads, roads
Asphalt works:
- repairs of potholes, roads, roadways
- casting of continuous surfaces
  asphalt, asphalt mixtures
- laying of asphalt surface, asphalt products
- coated crumb-bitumen

We work in the quality system and own it
Certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2001
for the following production processes:
- compacted asphalt layers
- poured asphalts
- stabilized substrates
- unbound layers
- paving and tiles
- earthwork

Quick and flexible solutions to any
emergency situation in the Prague area.
On specific request TSK, PVK.
We are able to eliminate emergency faults
in working and non-working hours, we work
on Saturdays standby,
Sundays and public holidays, 365 days a year

DAP a.s. is included in the registry
of companies TSK hl. m. of Prague for reconstruction
and maintenance of roads and pavements ..

We have intermediate storage for storage
material, debris and soil.
Material and technical equipment of our company
Companies consist of the following machines and mechanisms:
- trucks LIAZ, TATRA, AVIA
- UNC, MC 25 - tipper
- compaction machines and small machinery.

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DAP. a.s.


Sarajevska 1498/17
Praha 2 120 00

+420 222 560 202

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