Nemocnice Na Homolce
Specializovana pece Praha

Roentgenova 2, Praha 5 150 30
Hospital and outpatient treatment provision in the top European institution.
Cardio-Vascular programme:
-conservative, interventional, surgical treatment of cardiac and vascular disorders.
Neurological-neurosurgical programme:
-conservative and surgical treatment of nervous and locomotor system diseases and injuries, especially of head, brain, spinal cord and spinal column.
General therapeutic programme:
-medical treatment of internal and generally surgical diseases including gyneacology, etc.
Professional care by highly qualified specialists.
Top medical equipment. Leksell Gamma Knife, etc.
Up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutical methods.
Comfortable environment.
Settlement of medical treatment:
-medical insurance, also foreign
-direct payment.

NEMOCNICE NA HOMOLCE hospital was open in 1990 as an establishment for acute specialized medicine concentrated in three clinical programmes:

Transregional programme destined for all sick people with central and peripheral nervous system diseases, that is brain, spinal cord and spine. Neurosurgical ward, Neurological ward and Stereotactic and radiation neurosurgery ward (Leksell Gamma Knife) offer you their services within this programme.

Transregional programme destined for all sick people with cardiovascular system diseases, that is heart and blood vessels. Cardiosurgical ward, Cardiology ward and Vascular surgery ward offer you their services within this programme.

Regional supplementary clinical programme oriented to a comprehensive offer of general health care with services of large polyclinic with 60 specialized outpatient departments and connected bed background in surgery, orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology, oncology and internal medicine branches. Programme serves especially for Prague city region.

  • medical facilities, medical services, preventive examinations, medical check-ups, medical examinations, sanatorium and clinic, non-state health facility
  • general practitioners for adults, treatment of patients, general practitioner for children, health facilities

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ROYAL program - above-standard health care of Na Homolce Hospital (Prague), the Czech Republic

ROYAL program - above-standard health care of Na Homolce Hospital (Prague), the Czech Republic

Do you rank among the most demanding clients who are looking for really high quality and superior services, even in health care? Become a member of our ROYAL program that combines efficiency with the highest quality and is intended just for you. ROYAL program was created within programs of individual care in Homolka Premium Care JSC. centre which has provided above-standard health care to its patients since 2010. Our team of highly professional doctors and medical staff will provide you with specialized examinations and effective treatment. As members of the ROYAL program, you will have a lot of benefits and options of above-standard services. In outpatient departments of Homolka Premium Care JSC., you will be cared by top doctors who meet your needs on working days. In case of hospitalization in Na Homolce Hospital, you will be given by free stay in an above-standard room. You will be allowed to have all kinds of documents, questionnaires or health capacity certificates confirmed for free. You will have the use of the Call centre telephone service for consulting of your condition and dealing with organizational matters 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If necessary, our staff will arrange specialized care in the Na Homolce Hospital for you in the shortest possible time. If you need to move to some from departments of Na Homolce Hospital, you will be accompanied by our trained staff. Interesting services are also e-mail service and call back service. Answers to your questions, necessary information of all kinds or contacts will be sent to you through them. For comfort of our patients, we have introduced the possibility of picking up a prescription in our reception or even have it sent directly to your address. Once a year, you will also be provided, for free, with vaccination depending on current offering and preventive examination in the following range: - Getting of personal and family anamnesis - Complete physical examination - including eye sight and hearing - ECG, blood pressure, weight, BMI, spirometry - Abdomen ultrasound examination - Numerous laboratory tests (from blood, urine and stool) - Ultrasound breast examination for women under 40 years, breast examination by mammography machine for women over 40 years Your health, time and comfort are our priorities. Try our service and you will not regret it.

PERFECT program - health care of Na Homolce Hospital Prague, the Czech Republic

PERFECT program - health care of Na Homolce Hospital Prague, the Czech Republic

Probably everyone wants to take care of their health. However, not everyone wants to spend hours waiting for a medical examination. Fortunately, PERFECT program is here and provides above-standard health care for patients whose priority is efficiency of use of services and time saving. PERFECT program is one of the programs of individual and above-standard health care provided by the Homolka Premium Care JSC. centre. It works at Na Homolce Hospital and uses its equipment and professional doctors who use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods. We offer our clients: - Provision of services in Na Homolce Hospital, if necessary also provision of specialized care at optimum dates - Examination by top doctors in outpatient departments of Homolka Premium Care JSC. on working days - Non-stop telephone service of the Call centre - E-mail service and call back service - consulting, contacts, important information, answering questions - Possibility of picking up a prescription directly in the reception of Homolka Premium Care JSC. - Provision of thorough preventive examination once a year for free - Free stay in an above-standard room 14 days during a year in case of hospitalization in Na Homolce Hospital With our PERFECT program, you will get above-standard health care without useless waiting. Become a member of it and save your time for more enjoyable activities than sitting in waiting rooms of hospitals.