LABO - MS spol.s r.o.

Petrzilkova 2491/56, Praha 5 - Nove Butovice 155 00
All for laboratories, health service, research.
Projects, delivery, maintenance, service, calibration.
-laboratory equipment
-articles of consumption
-labware and instrumentation, laboratory and measuring technique
-ophtalmological apparatuses
-geodetic and levelling equipment.
Laboratory, medical, office furniture:
-projects of atypical interiors, mounting
-hoods, laminar boxes
-apparatuses and electrodes for laboratory, hygiene, food industry
-industrial and stationary technology, automatic analyzers
-digitization and reconstruction of apparatuses
-special needles for bone marrow taking
-EKG and defibrillators, personal glucometers - flexible folding screens.
Additional services:
-environmental services, waste disposal.

  • medical equipment, operating tables and lights, devices for rehabilitation, internal medicine, cardiology and gynaecology

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