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Krizova 1018/6
Praha 5 150 00

Agentura Hrivna Barrandov

Security - Firefighters.

Working with fire and sprinkler tank 8 m3:
 - filling of swimming pools, water for pools, hot water to the pool!
  (from 1200 CZK for "fůru" according to distance traveled from Barrandov)

Fire engine (CAS 25),
 - fire equipment (hoses, nozzles)
 - supply of pressurized water
 - well water, transport and import of water

 - filling the pool
 - Import of hot water into the pool tank
 - import of water into swimming pools in municipalities with a ban on their filling - Central Bohemia
 - filling of swimming pools
 - distribution of hot and cold water
 - drainage and depletion of water
 - sprinkler, sprinkling, washing of roads and roads.

Security agency, fire and fire services.

 - security of buildings, buildings, buildings, apartments, property, guarding
 - central security desk - PCO, alarm
 - telephone and radio transmission, exit group
 - provision of an alarm exit
 - object monitoring, connection to PCO.

EZS connection:
- installation of intrusion alarm to protect the building
 - connection of the alarm monitoring of the intrusion alarm on the central security panel Prague 5 West
 - lending and renting an intrusion alarm for the building. Mobile portable electronic security
 - GSM gateway. Exit to alarm. Object inspection, patrol, inspection errands.

Fire and fire services:
 - fire fighting with fire equipment
 - fire patrols and assistance
 - assistance in work with increased fire hazard, including follow-up supervision
 - fire extinguishers and hydrants:
 - Sales, Control and Revision (RHP)
 - revision tests of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers.

Rental, rental:
 - 8 m3 sprinkler (sprinkler),
 - tank LIAZ - fill, filling the pool

Fire Documentation:
 - fire regulations, alarm guidelines, fire evacuation plans
 - fire protection training

Connection to PCO Prague, fire assistance
Filling the pool with water tank Prague, filling and pumping water into the pools.

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Agentura Hrivna Barrandov
Krizova 1018/6
Praha 5 150 00
GPS: 50°3′16.42″ N, 14°24′18.43″ E

50°3′16.42″ N, 14°24′18.43″ E

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Krizova 1018/6
Praha 5 150 00
+420 603 415 930

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