Zeza spol. s r.o.

Saldova 599/2, Praha 8 - Karlin 186 00
Production and sale of perspex and plastics:
-advertising stands - stands, racks of various types and sizes destined for magazines, drink/beverage cards, travel agencies
-adjustable/exchangeable tables for reference systems for offices, banks, hospitals
-tablets for doors, buildings, offices, rooms
-hinged, standard
-holders for films, parfumes
-test-tube racks/testtube supports, containers, medicaments, infusions
-shelves for ambulance cars.
Special work to pattern for dressers, architects and exhibitions.
All production inclusive of printing:
-stick-on labels, silk-screen printing.
Name plates/door plates/signs/signboards:
-plastic letters.

  • round plastic rods, hollow plastic rods, plastic sheets and boards, flat plastic rods, plastic films, moulded and injected plastics
  • manufacture of road signs, installation of retarders, horizontal traffic signing, traffic sign maintenance
  • illuminated panels, large format printing, car posting, relief signs, navigation systems, advertising boards

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