Brillcolor spol. s r. o.

Nedokoncena 337, Praha 9 - Kyje 198 21
Specialized wholesale: colours/paints, varnishes/lacquers/coats, stuff/plaster BRILLUX.
Our activities:
-masonry/plastic/stone paints - silicate, acrylate, silicone
-impregnation, blades, high-grade and mosaic plaster, glues/adhesives
-gypsum plasters, cements
-materials for insulation system
-certified insulation system
-textured spray paints and pickets, interior and decorative coating and paints
-complete lacquer/paint systems for wood, steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, roofs
-floor paints/varnishes, concrete renovation system
-materials for historical buildings rehabilitation
-system tools for bricklayers, plasterers, varnishers, painters, decorators, floor-layers, plasterboarders
-industrial colours - powder coating, water and epoxy paints
-advisory service, material choice and technology, calculation
-turn-key execution of an order.

  • wall paints, masonry paints, facade rendering, metal paints, wood paints, roof paints, tinting agents, coloured sprays, industrial coatings
  • coating compounds, wood paints, wood varnishes, special paints, facade paints, concrete paints
  • concrete rehabilitation chemistry, industrial glues, construction glues, construction and assembly foams, gap filling materials for constructions

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