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ProctoClinic specialized treatment facility.

Hemorrhoid treatment - treatment of hemorrhoids using outpatient, patient-friendly methods without unnecessary pain and work incapacity.

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases that have been historically among the longest known and most frequently cited health problems.

Treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures in Prague, Brno

Examination of patients will take place in a private environment:
- The doctor will first talk with the patient about his or her problems and their duration, the presence of blood or mucus, pain, prior treatment or prior examinations, if any.

Our clinic employs leading experts in this issue who have great experience and enjoy a high success rate in the treatment of hemorrhoids using the least painful methods.

The procedures are performed:
- on an outpatient basis
- without the need for hospitalization and anesthesia and requiring no sick leave.
We provide examinations in a private environment.

The examination and treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures (cracks) is not covered by health insurance schemes.

Since 1998, ProctoClinic has provided care to patients in the Czech Republic suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissures (cracks).

Dermatology and STD Clinic - Dermatology:
- On October 1, 2015, we opened a dermatology clinic in downtown Prague which provides extended diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, including skin manifestations in the area of the external genitalia and anus in men and women.

We have provided treatment to more than 14, 000 patients in Prague over a period of 18 years, and more than 5, 000 patients in Brno since 2002.

Bartošova 1832/5
Brno - Eerná Pole
Phone: 800 103 300, 800 800 002


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