Airtechnik - Ing. Karel Dousek, CSc.
Mereni a validace cistych prostor Praha

  • air conditioning units, heating and cooling, control devices, industrial filtration, special fans

  • scientific research, technical development, expert opinions, examination tests, specialized diagnostics

The company focuses on cleanroom validation, instrument calibration and clean room air conditioning supplies for biotechnology, healthcare, pharmacy.
We offer the creation of clean rooms.

Our validation and measurement laboratory operates according to the ISO 9000 quality management system - ensuring measurement and validation reliability.

We validate clean rooms, cabins, insulators and boxes, aseptic operating theaters, insulators, autoclaves, sterilization tunnels, thermostats, refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning chambers, hot-air sterilizers, clean water and steam systems and technical equipment.

Services and supplies:
- supply of air conditioning, clean rooms, temperature, humidity, overpressure and particle monitoring systems, measuring instruments
- Measurement of air conditioning environment parameters
- repair and reconstruction of clean rooms, filtration systems and air conditioning
 - validation of air conditioning, clean rooms, computer systems, monitoring and technical systems
 - regulation of ventilation, aseptic spaces
- Ventilation and cleanroom projects
- technical assistance in the creation of clean and sterile premises.

Other services provided by our company are:
repair, replacement, installation of high-efficiency
final HEPA filters, including their delivery, calibration of particle counters according to US standards.
We also provide consulting and technology studies.

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Airtechnik - Ing. Karel Dousek, CSc.


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