Sinusové a odrušovací filtry, výroba

The SKYBERGTECH s.r.o. company is based on tradition and experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic field since 1992.

- electromagnetic compatibility - EMC
- electromagnetic field - EMF


Sinusoidal filters for frequency converters, dU/dt filters.

Interference suppression filters up to the current of 2500A
- single phase, three phase, filters with high attenuation, DC, tempest filters.

Special filters - high-frequency, electric and electronic, according to customer's demands
- filters for rail vehicles
- filters and products for military use

Extension cords with interference suppression filters and overvoltage protection up to 16A.

Wound parts, commutating chokes, output chokes:
- DC, motor and mains chokes, for frequency converters and soft starters.

Condenser filters for traction purposes.
Frequency converters and drives.

Overvoltage protection:
- protection against atmospheric and industrial overvoltage.

High frequency transformers made to measure - for trams and locomotives, autotransformers for general use.

EMC systems for photovoltaics.
Power modules for charging stations for electric cars, AC/DC converters with galvanic isolation.
Products for tractions.
Products for avionics.
EMC accessories and line impedance stabilization networks (LISN).

Manufacture and technical support in the tractions of
heavy engineering, electronics, photovoltaics, avionics, military and other fields where electromagnetic compatibility is used.

Winding of coils, toroids.

EMC measurement, interference suppresion and training.
Electromagnetic field intensity measurement from the frequency of 10kHz up to 2000MHz, precertification measurement.

EMC measurement (electromagnetic compatibility), EMF measurement (electromagnetic field)

Measurement of radio interference, electromagnetic waves and systems' resistance to various kinds of interference.

Research and development of space technologies.

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