Bezdrevska 539, Praha 9-Hostavice 190 00
Engineering-supply organization.
Subsidiary organization of SES TLMACE- Slovenske energeticke strojarne, JSC
Water purification and treatment:
-for energetics and industry
-waste treatment plants.
Process equipment for boiler houses, heating plants and distribution heating plants:
-boilers - package (steam, hot-water), fluid, oil and gas, granulating, waste heat (exhaust-heat boilers)
-Solid municipal waste and hospital waste incineration plants.
Heat exchangers and condensers.
Pressure vesels.
Steel structures.
-steel, rubber-coated, plastic, stainless.
-power plants making more eco-friendly
-complete overhauls of process and manufacturing equipment
-complete rebuilding and renovation
-project and design development.

  • radiator fittings, control valves and fittings, stop valves, fittings for drinking water, heating devices
  • installation of gas systems, inspection of gas equipment, maintenance of gas distribution network, gas fitter services, repairs of gas pipelines and gas installations
  • environmental projects, environmental equipment, landscape protection, protection of waterways, nature conservation, solar power plant designing
  • oiled wastewater treatment plants, biological stale water treatment plants, plastic retention tanks
  • spraying equipment, air dryers, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps and blowers, pumping equipment
  • solar systems, solar collectors, wastewater treatment plants, testing equipment, tempering tunnels, stripping units

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