H.S.TRADE a.s.
Ochrana dokumentu, hologramy

Autodestruktivní bezpečnostní holografické samolepky

Holograms, holographic foils, holographic seals, security optically variable elements, document and printed matter protection:
-representation of Applied Optical Technologies company.

Machines for application of holograms and holographic foils by hot stamping:
-representation of Cavomit/ Taurus company.

Die-stamping machines/ presses Cronite (Waite & Saville):
-sale, reconditioning, service, spare parts.

Safety laminate foils and laminators for identity papers:
-representation of Adhesive Security Products company.

Protecting elements application into papers:
-thermo-laminate foils, safety print (UV fluorescent, petrol-fugitive), special paper blankets.

VICOMP readers of identification papers.

Special printers of identification papers.

Czech Companies:    

Checking and safety equipment


Other office equipment


Printing machines