ITALINOX, s r.o.
Velkoobchod nerezova ocel

The company has been operating on the Czech market since 1992.
Wholesale, retail trade, sale of metallurgical stainless material.

Our offering:
- Sheet metal
- Special stainless materials
- Nickel superalloys
- Duplex materials
- Tubes, rods.

Product range - sheet metal:
- VARCOLOR - metal sheets and coils
- Surface finished galvanized and aluminium coils
- Cold rolled AISI 304, AISI 316Ti or 316L
AISI 321
- Hot rolled F1 surface,
- Ground cut 180 + P or 240 + P
- Punched - circular holes
- Offset Rv
- Decorative
- Antiskid
- Stair landing - floorplates - MAN- mandorla surface
- Perforated
- VAR-PET Season.
- Sheets in II. quality

- Dividing - for transverse and longitudinal separation, for surface treatments:
- Grinding, brushing
- Rewinding lines.

- Cold-rolled and hot-rolled
- Stainless pieces cut to measure.

- Cold-drawn
- Hot-rolled
- Round, flat, cut from sheet metal, square, hexagonal,
square rolled, drawn, hexagonal drawn h11
- Rods L and T profiles
- L isosceles hot-rolled
- L non-isosceles rolled or laser welded
- T rolled or laser welded, pickled
- U - UAP rolled or laser welded section
- U - UNP rolled section
- H - HEB laser welded section
- I - IPE laser welded section, girder.

- Welded
- Round EU, EUH, HF
- Square - longitudinally welded by rapid frequency method, HF
- Rectangular - longitudinally welded, substitution of flat steel
- Brushed, polished, thick-walled, magnetic
- Ground with protective film
- Welded by rapid frequency method
- Drawn seamless.

Types of films:
- Polyethylene, transparent blue, thickness of 80 microns
- Black-and-white with blue stripes
- Black-and-white with blue stripes and arrows, laser, thickness of 100 microns.

- Flanges, elbows, edge rings, adapters, sleeves, clamps, threaded fittings, T-sections, T-pieces, dished bottoms to order, table of bottom edge adjustment.

According to requirements of our clients, we also offer austenitic, duplex, heat-resistant, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels.

Other products - Equipment for gastronomic facilities and commercial kitchens:
- Worktops with welded-in sinks and for washing tables
- Washbasins
- Welded-in sinks for restaurant facilities and bar counters
- Tubs for gastronorm water bath - BAGNOMARIA
- Worktops with welded-in tubs for water bath
- Other products for commercial kitchens and gastronomic facilities.

- Equipment for grinding - sheet metal grinding
- Brushing and grinding of stainless steel coils
- Film with sheet matching
- Grinding of steel in various stages of treatment
- Dry grinding of formatted sheets
- Brushing - ScotchBrite
- Duplo processing
- Material protection by various types of plastic (Laser - PVC)
- Line for steel processing
- Coil to coil processing of steel
- Rewinding and cutting of input coils
- Rewinding of larger coils to smaller ones
- Sheet metal coating
- Transverse cutting of stainless coils.

We operate a service centre in the whole Czech Republic.




Metallurgical material and cold rolled sheet metal Brno, stainless steel wholesale

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