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SAN SERVICE, Ltd. provides translation, interpreting, sound system installation and catering services.

We can arrange conferences, congresses with international participation, company presentations and parties.

We also provide technical equipment and human resources.
Sound system installation tailored for:
- Concerts, festivals
- Cultural, sporting, private events of any range
- Events for companies
- Courses, workshops
- Meetings, trainings
- Christmas parties
- Annual events
- Events for children and more...
Provision of audio recording of the event in MP3 format.

Complete turnkey technical - organizational arrangement:
- Video conferences
- Congresses
- Workshops
- Press conferences
- Meetings
- Exhibitions
- Cultural, sporting and corporate events
- Festivals.

Hire service, rental of equipment, projection:
- Projection equipment
- Audio - video equipment
- Office equipment
- Audiovisual equipment
- Plasma monitors
- Wireless conference microphones
- MP3, CD, DVD, video
- Blu-ray players
- Camcorders with a tripod
- Cutting and mixing desks
- FullHD projectors
- Computers, printers
- Laptops, tablets
- Projection screens
- Television, monitors, video
- Interactive displays
- Camera systems
- Systems for professional video transmissions
- Megaphones
- Voting, mobile, portable equipment
- Mobile phones and other
- Tables, chairs, decoration
- NIVTEC stages.

- Wireless voting device provides accurate records of voting.

Interpreting and translation are provided for:
- Conference
- Meetings, conferences and other events
- Interpreting up to 32 world languages
- Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at home and abroad
We also use interpreter's booths.
We offer personal interpreters with many years of experience.
We will be glad to lend also tour guide kits.

Lighting of events:
- We use up-to-date lighting equipment and reliable LED diode floodlights
- We provide lighting for the entire duration of an event, even if outdoor spaces.

Catering service according to the client's wishes:
- Coffee break
- Salty and sweet snacks
- Fruit, vegetables, fresh coffee, tea, chilled drinks...
- Possibility to ensure tableware, cooling and heating vessels.
- Possibility of decorations and trained staff.

We provide expert consultancy on professional level.

  • video recorders, video converters, video accessories, audio loudspeakers, home cinema, sound amplifiers, audio accessories
  • computer sets, games and consoles, laptops and tablets, memory card readers, flash drives, keyboards and mouses
  • laser printers, inkjet printers, digital scanners, roll laminators, office creasing machines, office perforators, ring binders, office cutters and shredders
  • hot and cold hospitality, receptions and banquets, corporate events, holding parties, private celebrations
  • professional translations of texts, experienced translators, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, language professionalism

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SAN SERVICE will arrange professional conferences

SAN SERVICE will arrange professional conferences

A good event will be talked about for a week afterwards. A great event will be remembered for a long time. Although, so little is sufficient to achieve perfection - to contact SAN SERVICE company. Who are we? A professional agency engaged in organizing of conferences having style. Make sure of that as well.

Tailored sound system installation - parties and performances (Prague), the Czech Republic

Tailored sound system installation - parties and performances (Prague), the Czech Republic

Are you preparing an event and do you care about everything runs smoothly? We will be glad to help you with quality and reliable sound system installation. Our company SAN SERVICE, Ltd. carries out tailored sound system installation for each event - exactly according to your requirements and ideas. It does not matter if you are planning only a smaller company party, cultural performance in a historical building or sports event in a great hall. In any case, we will be pleased to provide you with quality sound using cutting edge equipment operated by our trained and experienced staff who will be available for you. Thus, we provide reliable technical background during all your event. We are able to offer sound system installation also for technically demanding events. Our company provides tailored sound system installation for events regularly. We are experienced both in sound system installation for events such as courses, workshops or trainings of companies and in sound system installation for events where well known artists perform. We can offer: - Sound system installation for concerts, festivals and other cultural events of any scale - Sound system installation for events for companies (presentations, courses, meetings, workshops, trainings, parties ...) - Sound system installation for events for children (e.g. Children''s Day) - Sound system installation for sports events in halls and in outdoor stadiums - Sound system installation for private events of any nature and range - Professional consultancy and choice of sound equipment to measure of arranged event If you are interested, there is no problem, within tailored sound system installation for an event, to provide also an audio recording of the event in MP3 format.

Interpreting and translation of conferences, sessions and congresses Prague, the Czech Republic

Interpreting and translation of conferences, sessions and congresses Prague, the Czech Republic

International conferences, sessions, congresses and other events, bringing together representatives of various nations, are nowadays an inseparable part of not only working life. However, not everyone knows languages of all their foreign colleagues. Our company SAN SERVICE, Ltd., engaged in interpreting and translation services of all kinds, offers you a resolution of this problem. We provide interpreting and translation at highly professional level not only through interpretation booths, but also via our reliable interpreters and translators with many years of experience. We use equipment enabling translations into 32 world languages with infrared or digital technology for interpreting and translations. Our services in the field of interpreting and translations can be carried out in events throughout the Czech Republic but also abroad. We provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Combination of high-quality equipment and our experienced realization team ensures that every international event will be, thanks to our interpreting and translations, understandable to all. At least with respect to language. We also have the possibility to rent "whispering" guide sets (a portable, simplified version of interpreting equipment). Besides interpreting and translations, we can assist your event also e.g. by professional catering, lighting, sound system installation, voting equipment and projection equipment. - Translation and interpreting into 32 world languages - Interpreting during events of various characters - Use of infrared or digital technology - Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting - Lending "whispering" sets and other equipment.